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Cleaning up Windows involves maintenance tasks such as deleting temporary internet files, cookies, explorer MRUs, Windows log files, and some other areas to keep Windows OS in top notch condition. So, which is the best free software to clean up Windows?

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CCleaner is probably the oldest and best free cleaning software available for Windows. Windows 8 support has also been added to the latest version. It lets you clean recent documents, run dialog, Windows Explorer MRUs, thumbnail cache, taskbar jump lists, recycle bin, temporary files, clipboard, memory dumps, font cache, DNS cache, desktop shortcuts, Start menu shortcuts, and more.


If you are using Internet Explorer or any other popular web browsing software (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera), use CCleaner to delete browser history, cookies, recently typed URLs, index.dat files, last downloaded location, and download history in a jiffy.

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The tool supports tens of third-party tools such as Evernote, Quicktime Player, WinRAR, etc.


The Registry Cleaner available in CCleaner cleans missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions, type libraries, applications, fonts, application paths, help files, installer, obsolete software, sound events, Windows services, MUI cache and more.


Use the Uninstall tool present under Tools section to remove applications from your PC, especially if you can’t uninstall a program from the default Programs and Features window. The startup manager lets you remove unnecessary programs from the startup. Removing unnecessary programs from the startup improves Windows boot time.

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Driver Wiper can be used to the securely erase the contents on you PC. The System Restore manager lists all available restore points. One can delete one or more system restore points to free up some disk space.


A number of settings available under to control how CCleaner functions. For instance, you can add Run CCleaner to Recycle Bin context menu and you can exclude files, folders and registry entries you wish CCleaner to exclude from removing.


Even though a paid version of CCleaner is available, the free version is good enough for home users. A portable version of CCleaner is also available so that you can clean your Windows without installing this software.


CCleaner is a freeware and supports both x86 and x64 version of Windows 8. Do note that CCleaner setup tries to install Google Toolbar software during software installation. Choose the appropriate option if you don’t like to install Google Toolbar on your PC.


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  1. Kenneth Barrett says

    Tell me about the cost before the download start. After download it is to late and I am not able to afford it and then I have downloads on my computer that I don’t want or can not afford.

  2. Dizpo Zabl says

    8-months have passed and finally we have another reply…

    It doesn’t seem to matter which registry “cleaner” I use, I always seem to end up with an unstable system with little to blame it on but the “cleaner”. Unless you’re a registry guru, how do you determine which registry keys/values should NOT be removed by CCleaner (or any other cleaner)? The registry is a tricky terrain.

  3. admin says

    @ Paul
    Please download the newest version of CCleaner, as the recent version of the software supports both Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

  4. Paul Fischer says

    I have a gateway computer that came with windows 8 installed on it and windows 7, windows 7 is all I use, which version of CCleaner should I download to use?

    Thank you in advance.
    Paul Fischer

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