How To Safely Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10


Deleting the temporary files is one of the best ways out there to free up some significant amount of free space on your Windows operating system. Long time Windows users likely know how to manually delete temporary files without the help of third-party PC cleaning utilities like CCleaner. There is an easy and safe method […]

Boot Windows 10 In Safe Mode When PC Is Not Booting


Although accessing the safe mode in Windows 10 is not as easy as Windows 7 or Vista, there are a couple of ways out there to start Windows 10 in safe mode. You can go through our 5 ways to Start Windows 10 in Safe mode guide to know all four ways out there to […]

How To Set Up A New Windows 10 Laptop


Have you bought a new HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, or Asus laptop preinstalled with Windows 10? Not sure how to set up Windows 10 on your new PC? In this article, we will see how to set up a new Windows 10 device. When you turn on your new Windows 10 PC, you will […]

5 Ways To Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode


Unlike Windows 7 and earlier versions, starting Windows 10 in Safe mode is not very straight-forward. The old method of pressing the F8 key while your PC starts/restarts doesn’t work in Windows 10 as well as in its predecessor Windows 8/8.1. If you’re wondering what happened to the Safe mode in Windows 10, the Safe […]

How To Change App Permissions In Windows 10


In mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, most of the popular apps ask for your permission before accessing something that require your permission. For instance, Skype asks for your permission before accessing your camera. In Windows 10, most apps don’t ask the user permission in most cases. Some apps from reputed software houses […]

How To Reset The Mail App In Windows 10


The Mail app is the default email client in Windows 10. The Mail app was first introduced with Windows 8 and has been improved dramatically in Windows 10. It supports not just Microsoft accounts but other webmail service accounts as well. If your Mail is not syncing your messages, not opened or showing an error, […]

How To Create Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10 (Easy Way)


Mobile hotspot, virtual hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot feature enables you share your Windows 10 PCs Internet connection with up to 8 devices. The mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot feature has been part of Windows 10 since the first preview build of Windows 10. Mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10 Although Windows 10 supported […]

How To Reset Windows 10 Store


Isn’t the Windows 10 Store app not opening? Are you unable to download and install apps from the Store? Are you getting an error while installing apps from Store? Are you unable to sign-in to the Store in Windows 10? Here is an easy way to fix the Store app in Windows 10 by resetting […]

How To Reset Windows 10 Apps


There are over two dozens of new apps in Windows 10. Mail & Calendar, Store, Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Groove Music, Weather, Maps, and Photos are some of the popular apps offered with Windows 10. Before this, if an app was not opening or functioning properly, we had very few options. While it’s possible to […]

Fix: Fingerprint Setup Greyed Out In Windows 10


If your PC is equipped with fingerprint scanner, you can use your fingerprint to sign in to Windows 10. We have also discussed about setting up fingerprint in our how to use fingerprint to sign in to Windows 10 guide. Over the past week, two readers have asked us to publish a solution to greyed […]