Can I Install Microsoft Security Essentials In Windows 10?

By now, you likely have upgraded your Windows 7 installation to Windows 10 by using the free upgrade offer from Microsoft and probably wondering why Microsoft Security Essentials is not available for Windows 10.

Microsoft Security Essentials program doesn’t support Windows 10, meaning that you can’t install Security Essentials in Windows 10. In fact, it doesn’t even support the previously released Windows 8/8.1 as well.

When you upgraded your Windows 7 installation to Windows 10, the program was removed because Windows 10 ships with a good antimalware program out of the box.

Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 10

Windows Defender is Security Essentials in Windows 10

Like its predecessor Windows 8, Windows 10 also ships with Windows Defender. For users coming from Windows 7, the Windows Defender in Windows 10 is not just the Defender of Windows 7. Rather, Windows Defender in Windows 10 comprises all the features of Microsoft Security Essentials and this is the reason why Security Essentials is not available for Windows 10.

The UI of Windows Defender in Windows 10, as you can see in the above picture, looks more or less like the Security Essentials. You can launch Windows Defender by typing the same in Start menu or taskbar search box.

Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 10 pic2

The Windows Defender in Windows 10 helps users protect their PCs from viruses, malware, and other threats. Like Security Essentials, it offers real-time protection and uses Windows Update service to automatically download latest definition updates.

To access some of its settings (like), you need to navigate to the Security section of Settings app.

Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 10 pic1

Although the native security solution is not as powerful as some other third-party antivirus software out there for Windows operating system, it does offer good basic protection.

Finally, if you aren’t satisfied with Windows Defender in Windows 10 and would like to use a third-party antivirus program instead, use free programs like Avast Free Antivirus.



  1. Joebudgie says

    I converted my Windows 7 to Windows 10 when the free upgrade became available and have had no problems at all. Of course, I read and follow instructions along the way and I did purchase a “Windows 10 for Dummies”. The book was interesting reading but most of my problem solving was through online help screens and articles. I understand some stand alone programs didn’t convert easily, but that was true of every upgrade. By now most publishers have a work around in place. Contact them for help.

  2. Bobby Mayfield says

    10 was purported to be very similar to 7 but much better. After 10 was set up I found little help in guiding me through its procedures which I find unfamiliar. Found it very hard to set up a username and password and in the procedure of setting both up I would up with a Microsoft Reset Code, Security code, and a Unique ID all of which I have no idea how to use and even if they are still OK.

  3. D says

    Where’s the answer??? I’ll submit my email but if you took my stored passwords, I’m in the same boat up the same creek!

  4. katherine leann ladd says

    I just changes over to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and I absolutely abhor Windows 10!!!! I cannot find my Family Tree Maker – which means that I’ve lost all my FTM!!!! I cannot also find my Photos!!!! I cannot get into my EMail because I don’t remember my password and cSnnot find my notebook with it in it!!!! I cannot also get into my Facebook account!!!! What have you done – at this rate – I WANT MY WINDOWS 7 BACK – ASAP – NOW!!!!

    Don’t send a message to my EMail because I cannot get into my account – THIS SUCKS!!!!

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